1. First of all Thanks a lot for explaining it in detail. But my doubt is that there will still be downtime for applications, as they have to change the key somewhere in config/code when migrating from key-1 to key-2. Isn’t it?

    And if there is downtime anyways then we could have simply refreshed the primary key and handover the new primary key to all the application.


    1. Mohit,
      You are right. It does make sense to use Key1 just by refreshing it if..
      1) You know where you have to change the key.
      2) You have acccess to prod environment of the application
      3) You have appropriate access to azure to refresh the Key1
      4) You know how to deploy and where to deploy.
      5) You are not using DevOps Processes (it takes time to run the pipelines)
      6) if you have only one application
      If your answer is NO to any one of the above questions, then using Key2 makes more sense


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