Azure for Administrators (Az-104)

Azure Basics 

  1. Introduction to Cloud Computing
  2. IaaS Vs PaaS vs SaaS and Serverless
  3. Understand Azure Management Portal

Azure Administration – Options

  1. Overview of Administrative Options
  2. Learn about Cloud Shell
  3. Understand how to leverage Azure PowerShell to interact with Azure
  4. Understand how to leverage Azure CLI to work with Azure
  5. Understand Azure Resource Manager Template to automate the Azure Resource Provisioning

5+ Hands-on Labs by the Instructor


Manage Subscription, Resource Group and Governance

  1. Subscriptions
    • Overview of Azure Subscriptions
    • Types of Subscription
    • Create and Manage Subscriptions
    • Licensing
    • Resource Providers
  2. Resource Group
    • Overview of Resource Group
    • Create and Configure Locks to avoid Accidental Deletes
  3. Policies
    • Create and configure Azure Access Policies
    • Create and configure Initiatives
    • Understand Policy Definition Structure
    • Understand Built-in & Custom Policies
    • Assign Policy
  4. Working with Tags
  5. Configure Cost Management
  • 15+ Hands-on Labs by the Instructor
  • 2 Case Studies (to be done by the students. Real-time scenario requirements & guidance will be instructed)

Working with Virtual Machines (IaaS)

  1. Overview of Virtual Machines
  2. Provision a Virtual Machine in Azure
    • Create a Virtual machine using Portal
    • Create a Virtual machine using PowerShell
  3. Virtual Machine Management
    • Understand scale up of Virtual Machines
    • How to change the admin Password of a Virtual Machine
    • Redeploy VMs
    • Configure auto shut-down of the Virtual Machines
    • Configure DNS for Virtual Machine
    • Install anti-virus into the Virtual Machine using Extensions
    • Automate Windows updates to Virtual Machine
    • Configure Bastion for securely connecting to Azure Virtual Machine
  4. Virtual Machine Disks
    • Create disks and attach to the VM
    • Detach the disk from one VM and attach it to another
    • Create Snapshots of OS disk and create a new VM with that disk
    • Expand the size of the disk after it is created.

15+ Hands-on Labs by the Instructor


Virtual Machines – High Availability & Load Balancing (IaaS)

  1. Add 2 VMs to availability set
  2. Azure Load Balancer
  3. Implement Auto scaling using Virtual Machine Scale Sets
  4. Azure Application Gateway
  5. Azure Traffic Manager
  6. Azure Front Door Service

10+ Hands-on Labs by the Instructor

1 Case Study (to be done by the students. Real-time scenario requirements & guidance will be instructed)


Azure Identity

  1. Overview of Active Directory
    • User Accounts
    • Adding User Accounts
    • Bulk User Accounts
    • Group Accounts
    • Adding Group Members
    • Adding a Group Owner
  2. Role-based Access Control
    • Overview of RBAC Roles
    • View & Assign RBAC Roles
    • Create a Custom RBAC Role using Azure CLI
    • Assign the custom role using Azure Portal

10 Hands-on Labs by the Instructor


Azure Networking – (IaaS)

  1. Create a Virtual Network
  2. Create a Subnet with in a Virtual Network
  3. Create IP Address and attach it to a NIC Card
  4. Create NSG Rules and attach it to NIC and/or Subnet
  5. Learn how to secure IaaS Services using Network Security Groups.
  6. Learn how to secure PaaS Services using Private End Points.
  7. Application Security Groups
  8. Create and configure VNET peering
  9. Create and Configure Point-To-Site VPN
  10. Introduction to Site-to-Site VPN
  11. Introduction to Express Route

10+ Hands-on Labs by the Instructor


Implement backup and recovery (IaaS)

  1. Azure Backup & Site Recovery – Overview
  2. Back ups of Virtual Machine & File Shares
  3. Restoration of Virtual Machines & File Shares
  4. Long Term Backup Azure SQL Database (PaaS)
  5. Restore to Azure SQL Database (PaaS)

10+ Hands-on Labs by the Instructor

Azure App Service (PaaS)

  1. Create and Configure App Service Plans
  2. Create and Configure App Service 
  3. Learn Zero-down time deploying using Deployment Slots

Azure Storage (PaaS)

  1. Create a Storage Account
  2. Create Containers and Blobs
  3. Install & Explore Azure Storage Explorer
  4. Create SAS tokens and understand the benefits of SAS tokens
  5. Copy Files from on prem to Azure Blob Storage using AzCopy
  6. Copy Files from one Storage Account to other Storage Account
  7. Create Queues and add messages into the queue using Powershell
  8. Create File Shares and sync the files
  9. Create Tables using Storage Explorer

Azure Monitor (IaaS + PaaS)

  1. Monitor VMs using Azure Monitor
  2. Configure Log Analytics
    • Create Log Analytics workspace
    • Integrate Log Analytics workspace with Virtual Machines
    • Create Metrics
  3. Monitor applications using Azure Application Insights
    • Integrate Application Insights using Asp.Net Core application
    • Understand how to troubleshoot exceptions & performance issues
    • Understand how to configure Profiler for advanced (performance) troubleshooting issues
    • Understand how co-relation works for various application dependencies
    • Learn how Application map works
  4. Learn how to query & analyze logs using KQL
    • Learn how to Create a query using KQL
    • Save a query to the dashboard
    • Interpret graphs
  5. Set up alerts and actions
    • Create and test alerts
    • Create action groups
    • View alerts in Azure Monitor

10+ Hands-on Labs by the Instructor


Azure Automation (IaaS)

  1. Update Management Solution
    • Overview of Update Management
    • Architecture of Update Management
    • Prerequisites of Update Management
    • Update OS updates for multiple Virtual Machines using Update Management

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What People Say

“Praveen is very experienced knowledgeable at the same time he is a very good teacher. Concentrating even on the minute details which is very helpful in the interviews and certification exams where they test not only the theory but practical knowledge as well. I really loved his class and would recommend anyone to take it. “


It was really great experience learning Azure. He has in-depth knowledge of Azure. I highly recommend this course. He explains each and everything very nicely and the most important thing is he guide us an interview point of view also, which helps a lot. 


I have taken Azure training from Praveen. He is the best trainer with good teaching and explanation skills.He is Very supportive,Friendly and a good knowledgeable person.The way he teach and his approaches makes everyone to understand the concept very easily and he will make sure that he didn’t missed anything in the concept. The training will be always interactive sessions so that we can get clarified immediately when faced some issues.It was such a great training with detail explanation on real time scenarios,giving more tasks to work on and get practiced over the concept. Thank you so much Praveen for making me more comfortable to work with AZURE. 

Nishchala Keesara


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