Azure Data Factory

  • Introduction to Azure Data Factory
  • Understand Azure Data Factory Core Concepts
    • Pipelines
    • Linked Services
    • Datasets
    • Activities
    • Triggers
    • Integration Runtime (Azure, Self-Hosted & SSIS IR)
  • A tour of Azure Data Factory User Experience & Interface (UX/UI)
    • Pipeline UI Components
    • Data Flow UI Components
    • Monitor UI components
    • Debug Components
    • Trigger UI Components
    • Management Hub
  • Control Activities
  • Data Transformation Activities
  • Lift & Shift SSIS Packages to Azure Data Factory
    • Development environment Setup for SSIS Packages
      • Installation of Azure Feature Pack
      • Develop a Simple SSIS Packages
    • Creating on SSIS Integration Runtime
    • Configuring the SSISDB
    • Deploying SSIS packages to Azure SQL Database
    • Pass parameter values to SSIS Package from Azure Data Factory Pipeline
    • Execute SSIS Package from Azure Data Factory
  • Azure Data Factory – Security
    • Integrate Key-Vault to store Secrets
    • Secure input/outputs in the Pipelines
    • Managed Identity
  • Creating multiple Environments
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment of Azure Data Factory
    • Integration of Azure Data Factory pipeline with Azure DevOps – Git repository
    • Learn how to create new git branch for new Features
    • Learn how to create Pull Requests and merge
    • Deploy the changes
  • Production Robustness
    • Configure notifications in case of any failures
    • Improve the performance at various levels
    • Integration of Key Vault for storing secrets for linked services

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