Azure DevOps - Real-time Interview Questions

Azure DevOps – Interview Questions

What is Azure DevOps?

Azure DevOps is a web based ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) Tool which provided end-to-end tools and features required for every stakeholder involved in the lifecycle of the development of any software product. For more details, watch this quick Azure DevOps – Overview

What is Azure DevOps Server?

While Azure DevOps is a cloud offering, Azure DevOps Server is an on-premises offering. Customers usually choose the on-premises version when they need their data to stay within their network instead of the cloud.

What are the other names of Azure DevOps historically?

Historically, Azure DevOps had different names. Below are the names of Azure DevOps.

  • Azure DevOps (ADO)
  • Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS)
  • Visual Studio Online (VSO)

What are the Features of Azure DevOps?


Azure Boards delivers a suite of Agile tools to support planning and tracking work, code defects, and issues using Kanban and Scrum methods


Azure Repos provides the below two types of Source Control Management Systems.

  • Git repositories – Git is the most commonly used version control system today and is quickly becoming the standard for version control. Git is a distributed version control system, meaning that your local copy of code is a complete version control repository.
  • Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) – Azure Repos also supports Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC). TFVC is a centralized version control system. Typically, team members have only one version of each file on their dev machines. Historical data is maintained only on the server. Branches are path-based and created on the server.


Azure Pipelines provides build and release services to support Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) of your applications.

Azure DevOps supports development of the pipelines using two different approaches.

  • YAML based development
  • Classic UI based development

Azure Test Plans

Azure Test Plans provides several tools to test your apps, including manual/exploratory testing and continuous testing.

Azure Artifacts

Azure Artifacts is similar to a repository which stores all the artifacts or the binaries that allows teams to share re-usable packages. It provides a container, called a feed, for groups of dependencies. Developers who have access to the feed can easily consume or publish packages.

What is the hierarchy of the Azure DevOps components

You can get started with Azure DevOps by creating an Organizantion. Below is the hierarchy of Azure DevOps critical components. ADO – Org Project Git Process Users Visual Studio Subscribers Basic Basic + Test Plans Stakeholder

What are the different types of users (Access Levels) supported in Azure DevOps?

In order to join an Organization, the administrator of the Organization must create an account for you to get started. Below are the various types of Access Levels that are supported in Azure DevOps.

Access Levels provides us access to the Web UI Features. Below are the different access levels that are supported in Azure DevOps.

  • Basic: Provides access to most features except the features related to Test Cases / Suites. For any Organization, the First 5 users are free of cost.
  • Basic + Test Plans: Provides access to all features included in Basic, as well as Azure Test Plans.
  • Stakeholder: Can be assigned to unlimited users for free. Provides partial access to private projects and mostly full access to public projects.
  • Visual Studio Subscriber: Assign to users who already have a Visual Studio subscription. The system automatically recognizes the user’s subscription—Visual Studio Enterprise, Visual Studio Professional, Visual Studio Test Professional, or MSDN Platform—and enables any other features that are included in their subscription level.

How does the Azure DevOps Licensing works?

In Azure DevOps,the below services are charges.

  • Basic User License
    • First 5 users are free of cost, $6 per user per month
  • Basic + Test Plans User License
    • $52 per user per month
  • Azure Pipelines
    • 1 Microsoft-hosted job with 1,800 minutes per month for CI/CD and 1 self-hosted job with unlimited minutes per month
    • 1 Microsoft-hosted job with 1,800 minutes per month for CI/CD and 1 self-hosted job with unlimited minutes per month
  • Azure Artifacts
    • 2 GiB free, then starting at $2 per GiB

What are the various supported Regions in which we can host the Azure DevOps artificts?

Below are the locations that are supported for hosting the Azure DevOps Projects.

  • Central US
  • East Asia
  • South East Asia
  • Brazil South
  • Canada Central
  • South India
  • Australia East
  • West Europe
  • UK South

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