Sitecore XP1 on Azure – Step4 – Create Mongo dB databases for xDB features

This article is a Companion article. Please have a look at the Main article Sitecore XP1 on Azure using Azure App Service.

Create an account with and create the following 4 databases.

  • Analyticsdb
  • tracking_live
  • tracking_history
  • tracking_contact

In this article, we will discuss about the step-by-step process of creating the analyticsdb. Please following the same instructions for creating the rest of the three databases.

Let’s start the process by clicking on the Create new button shown below.


Clicking on the Create new button, you will be taken to the Create new deployment step where you choose the following.

  • Choose Amazon web services as your Cloud Provider and Single-node option in the Plan as shown below.2_CloudProvider
  • Choose “sandbox” in the Standard Line section as shown below.3_StandardLine
  • Provide the database name. I have provided ‘anayticsdb’. You need to repeat the process for the rest of the three databases.4_Createbutton

Once you provide all the details, click on the Create new MongoDB deployment button. After a few seconds, the database will be created as shown below.


Once you create the database, you need to create and assign and user for accessing the databases. Click on the database to navigate to the following page.


Choose Users tab and click on the Add database user button which opens the following popup.


Please provide the username and password and click on Create button to create the user. As shown below the user is created and assigned successfully.


Once you create all the four databases, your home page would look something like this.


After successfully creating all the 4 databases, you need to collect the connection strings of all those databases as shown below.

  • mongodb://
  • mongodb://
  • mongodb://
  • mongodb://

We will be using these connections in the ARM template later.

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