Add Subnet to a Virtual Network using Azure Management Portal

What is a Subnet?

It’s nothing but a segmentation of a Virtual Network. You can have multiple Subnets in a given VNet. Below is a depiction of a Virtual network with two subnets, one of hosting Web Servers (demo-web-snet) and the other (demo-db-snet) for hosting database servers.


In one of my previous articles CREATE VIRTUAL NETWORK (VNET) USING AZURE MANAGEMENT PORTAL, we have created “demo-web-snet” default subnet. Let’s go-ahead and create a new subnet named “demo-db-snet” that would contain all the database related services.

Navigate to the Virtual Network and click on the network “demo-vnet1” to which we would like to add another subnet.


As shown in the above screen capture, click on the “Subnets” to navigate to the following subnets that are available in the selected Virtual Network.


Now, click on the “Subnet” button as shown in the above screen capture which would navigate to the following blade.


Provide a meaningful name and the address range for the subnet as shown above and click on the “OK” button to create the subnet.

That’s it. After a few seconds, the subnet gets added to the VNet as shown below.


Summary: In this article, we have learned what a Subnet and how to create a new Subnet to an existing VNet.

Hope you enjoyed reading the article. Your feedback is much appreciated.

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