This article is a Companion article. Please have a look at the Main article at Sitecore XP1 on Azure using Azure App Service.

Azure Management portal doesn’t not support creating the XP environment (as of this writing). The only way to create the XP environment on Azure PAAS using App Service is to use the Sitecore Azure Toolkit. Sitecore provides the Sitecore Azure Toolkit as a .ZIP file. Please download the Sitecore Azure Toolkit from the Official website

Sitecore Azure Toolkit allows customers to package and deploy Sitecore solutions to Microsoft Azure and provides out of the box integration with Azure services such as Application Insights, Redis Cache Service and Azure Search.

Download the Sitecore Azure Toolkit from the Download Options section of the page.


Sitecore Azure Toolkit is just a .ZIP file will all the tools and resources that we can use for the following.

  • Create and configure a new Sitecore Environment on Azure’s Platform as a Service offering using Azure App Services.
  • Package the existing Sitecore instance and deploy the packages to the Azure’s Platform as a Service offering using Azure App Services.

Sitecore Azure Toolkit is a .ZIP with the following.

  • Copyrights
  • Resources
  • Tools
  • txt
  • html

Below is how it looks when I download the .ZIP file.


We will be directly using the PowerShell module named sitecoreazurexp1.ps1 that is in the tools folder. This PowerShell module internally uses the .DLL files located along with it.

Once you download the Sitecore Azure Toolkit, please go back to the next step.